Battery Backup System

Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System

Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System
Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System
Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System
Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System
Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System

Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System    Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System
Emergency Lighting / Exit Sign. FRS / 2-Way Radio Batteries. Car Alarm / Key FOB Batteries. Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System. The Power XP SKA-1000T is a high quality 1000W (2000W peak) multifunctional backup power supply system that comes complete with the AC charger, and a DC charging cable.

Great for outdoor activities, power tools, emergency power for home or work, anywhere power is needed. It can handle up to 500W of solar charging for faster recharges, and features safe Lithium Iron Phosphate battery power. At only 24 pounds, it is as easy to handle as it is to use. First, check the charge state of your new unit.

Simply press the AC On/Off button and the screen will light up with the percentage of charge stored in the unit. For safety in transport, the units are charged to no more than 30% of capacity when leaving the factory, so your first step is to fully charge your power station. You can accomplish this through using the standard AC wall charger that plugs into any standard wall outlet and into the 4-pin plug on the units?

The MC4 plug will interface with virtually any solar panel. For faster charging, you can hook up multiple solar panels simultaneously, (up to 500W) using the optional solar expansion cables. You can also charge the unit using the car adapter that will plug into your vehicle? (Best if your vehicle is running to avoid draining your vehicle battery) You can charge your unit with either solar panels or the car charger while you are using it! The easy-to-read LED control panel gives you real time status information about your unit.

Through this screen you can view; percentage of available battery power, input power wattage level from the charging selected, output power displayed in watts, the AC power frequency, DC output status, the unit? S temperature, and the solar status if you have attached solar panels. A fantastic feature of these units is the Night Vision mode.

At night, it is now easy to check the unit? S status by simply placing the palm of your hand across the screen. You and turn on the lighting on the front panel. This eliminates searching for power buttons in the dark.

The light will remain on for 30 seconds and turn off if nothing is plugged in and no controls were turned on to work. Plug a device in, select an output and the light will dim. On the back panel of your unit, you will see two standard 3 pin AC outlets. These access the pure sine wave AC power the unit delivers.

Before you plug in and go, here is a word about frequency. Without going into minute detail, you should know this basic information. Here in North America, our AC (Alternating Current) is delivered to us at 60 cycles per second, or 60 Hz (Hertz). Nearly all the devices we use operate on that 110V 60Hz.

Your unit is versatile, it can do both! The factory setting for the North American models is 110V 60Hz. Before plugging in, verify that this is the case on the screen. S easy to check, simply press the AC on/off button, and the AC frequency will show in the upper right-hand portion on your screen. It is very important for proper operation of your devices that this setting is accurate.

If you need to change the frequency and voltage setting, follow these simple instructions. With nothing plugged in, press the AC ON/OFF button and hold for 10 seconds. The AC function will turn off.

Release the button and depress it again. Your new setting will appear on the screen. If your power station detects and abnormal conditions, overload, faulty cables, short circuit or overheating, the protections mode will automatically kick in and shut the unit down. Should this occur, remove the devices from the unit and it will function normally.

Identify and eliminate any abnormality. Now you are ready to plug in whatever device you like according to the parameters of your device. Remember, you can charge your unit from Solar panels or the car charger while you are using it! Your Power XP Portable Power Station offers two distinct DC output selections; USB which has two USB Type A sockets and two USB Type C sockets that can be used simultaneously, and the DC 12V 120W outputs that feature two standard DC sockets and one utility type socket.

While the USB side is set up for your mobile phones and tablet type devices, the DC 12V side is specifically geared for applications associated with 12V batteries. Any device or appliance designed to run in your car, truck, or RV that needs 12V can be powered here. Use the optional Alligator Car Cable to charge your car, boat, or lawn tractor battery.

One of the many internal intelligent protection systems built into your unit is temperature control. As you know, one of the byproducts of generating power is heat.

It is completely normal and safe. Should the internal temperature of the unit exceed 45? F, the internal cooling fan will turn on to circulate air through the unit, cooling it down. When you hear the fan turn on or off, it is part of normal operation. You will see the unit? S temperature readout on the display screen. The Power XP SKA 1000 and SKA 1500 Portable Power Stations are powerful electrical storage modules. Improper usage risks electric shock or injury. Follow all directions when using these units. Please read and retain this instructional manual. This device is for adult use only. Not for use by children. Adult supervision is required when children are present. Do not insert any foreign objects into or attempt to open this device. Use only recommended and compatible accessories with these units or risk personal injury, shock or fire.

Do not modify or tamper with the battery pack. Do not use any frayed or broken cables with this unit. Do not disassemble this unit. Contact Powerhouse Two if service is required. In the event of a malfunction, disconnect all cables from the unit.

Store and operate the unit in a clean, dry, temperature-controlled environment. Avoid high humidity and moisture. If the unit is to be stored for long periods of time, charge and discharge the unit every 3 months to ensure proper service life. People who have implanted pacemakers should avoid direct contact with Battery Power Stations and chargers to avoid the unlikely event of signal disruption. Cell phones, power stations, and any electromagnetic devices should be kept a minimum of 6 inches away from a pacemaker.

If abused, it is possible that liquid could leak from the battery pack. Should this occur, do not touch. If it comes in contact with your skin, wash with soap and water.

Seek medical attention if eye contact occurs. Do not use flammable gases or liquids, such as pesticides, alcohol, gasoline etc. Near the machine to avoid possible fire hazard. System Battery Voltage: 22.4V.

Output Voltage: 110V or 220V. Output Frequency Range: 50Hz / 60Hz Switchable. Watt Hour: 1075 WH Pure Sine Wave.

DC Output Interface: 12VDC 10Ah (5521X2). USB Output: 2 EA USB-A5V 3A/ 9V 2A/ 12v 1.5A 2 EA USB-C 5V 3A/ 9V 3A/ 12V 3A/ 15V/ 3A/ 20V/ 3A.

Voltage: 32VDC Solar Input 18-80 VDC 500W max. Solar Panel - 120 W - 60V: 1 panel 7-8 Hours 4 panels 3-4 Hours. Car Charger - 12V: 7-8 Hours.

Wall cable/charger Charge while using Fast Charger 750 W: 4-5 Hours / Yes / N/A. Size: 14.5in L x 6in W x 10in H.

Circuit Protection: Over current, over temperature over voltage, over charging, over discharging, short circuit, BMS. Indicators: LED Screen w/Night Vision. Since 2004, Batteries In A Flash has served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide! Batteries In A Flash is a retailer and wholesaler of quality batteries and chargers. We carry a complete line of batteries and serve all consumer electronic, commercial, industrial, military, and government needs.

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We can assist in helping you find the correct product or cross-referencing your product. If you are unsure or want to confirm your selection, give us a call.

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Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System    Power XP 1000W Multifunctional Backup Power Supply System